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Target In-Store AR Experience

For the 2022 holiday season, X-FCTR worked with Groove Jones to bring a massive in-store AR campaign to life for their client, Target. By scanning a QRCode on floor decals or custom aisle endcap displays, holiday shoppers can unlock a winter wonderland featuring Target’s mascot – Bullseye, and virtually play with this holiday’s hottest toys.

Once activated, Bullseye leads you through a large door flanked by two giant candy canes.

The X-FCTR team wanted to drive desire and discovery by bringing back the wonder and magic of holiday shopping in stores. (By turning around, you can see the store through the portal doorway you walked through.)

In-Store Holiday Portal

Inside the Target store, shoppers can activate a portal experience, where they launch a Target holiday wonderland that engages the shopper in exploring the exclusive holiday toys.

The shopper will open a portal and step into it physically and walk around.

If the real-world space doesn’t allow the user to move freely, we added a teleportation option where they could click on a visible beacon and teleport to where they want to be and use their phone to look around and admire the environment and explore the toys.

Shoppers will find themselves under a massive, bigger-than-life Christmas tree.

Around the base of the tree, shoppers will find four gift boxes to open and choose from, where they will launch an AR experience to play with the toys inside.

By looking left or right, they will find whimsical animated holiday scenes, like a pair of snowmen that greet you, a dancing gingerbread man, and a LEGO tiger and bird at play.

Interactive AR Game Featuring Animal Planet Deep Sea Shark Rescue Submarine Playset.

We created a game that allows the guest to engage with a toy virtually. Players must rescue holiday presents before the sharks get them.

The experience turns the Target Store into an endless ocean where the player can control a submarine in 3d space and control it like a drone and drive it to save as many holiday gifts and scuba divers from the vicious shark attack.

In the end, the players see their points tallied.

Bluey Ultimate Lights & Sounds Playhouse Scavenger Hunt

Bluey is having a holiday party! Help get the celebration started with this interactive scavenger hunt.

We created an interactive “game” that allows Bluey and their friends to get in the holiday spirit! Start a virtual dance party with Bluey, Bingo, and Lucky.

By finding all of Bluey’s friends, players activate the dance party.

Take a Tour of Barbie’s Vacation Home

We created an interactive experience that allows guests to help Barbie prepare her vacation home for the holidays! The player can choose between two different Barbies – Brooklyn or Malibu – to play the game with. The players tap the icons to help Brooklyn or Malibu Barbie with their holiday tasks.

Barbie decorates the tree by adding lights, ornaments, and a star on top.

By hopping on the chair swing, she takes a ride upstairs and adds Holiday lights throughout her Vacation Home.

Barbie walks the dog and puts a reindeer headband on him. Once all the tasks are cleared, the whole house lights up in celebration.

Build Your Very Own Gingerbread House Featuring Favorite Day Classic House Gingerbread Kit

Customers can build their own 3D Gingerbread houses!

Add all your favorite candy and watch it come to life. Tap the door to go inside and see what Bullseye has been hiding. Once completed, the user can take a snapshot of their creation – or a selfie!

Bullseye’s Top Toys List

Bullseye’s top toys are selected each year and advertised throughout the store. We have highlighted four of his top toys within the four AR games, as well as showcased several others in our portal wonderland. The AR experience included links to Bullseye’s Top Toy List.

The X-FCTR team created custom promotional kiosks to drive awareness about the program.

They also brought live toy demos, holiday product sampling, personalized gifting along with the immersive AR toy experience to Target stores across the country this season.

Check out the holiday AR experience here.


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