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Samsung | Zflip2

In my role at Cheil, a distinguished agency under Samsung, I was tasked with conceptualizing, producing, and directing a unique social campaign. This project involved a collaboration with prominent American Generation Z influencers and dancers, aiming to showcase the innovative features of Samsung's Flip phones.

The core of this campaign was a meticulously choreographed dance, designed to mirror the sleek and dynamic nature of the Flip phones. I led the creative process, ensuring that every aspect of the performance was in perfect harmony with the product's aesthetic and functionality. The dance was not just a routine; it was a symbolic representation of the phone's versatility and cutting-edge technology.

A key highlight of this campaign was the integration of a robotic arm, which added a futuristic and precise element to the choreography. This innovative approach exemplified Samsung's commitment to technological advancement and creativity. My role involved close collaboration with the influencers and dancers, guiding them to embody the spirit of the Flip phones through their performance.

The campaign was designed to resonate with the youthful energy and tech-savviness of Generation Z, creating a relatable yet aspirational image for Samsung's product. Through this project, I aimed to bridge the gap between technology and art, presenting the Flip phones not just as gadgets, but as symbols of modern lifestyle and innovation infused with the nostalgic feel reflected by the use of Samsung's classic blue.


Social placements


Mogfx & VFX reel
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