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4-H | Satellites

Have you ever wondered how satellites in space help us communicate across vast distances? Groove Jones was able to answer that question while partnering with our client, the National 4-H Council, to create an engaging web augmented reality (AR) experience that features an interactive HughesNet satellite, which hovers over the earth. The AR experience highlights the satellite’s featured pop-ups that allow users to learn more about HughesNet satellites and how they help provide internet on earth.

Groove Jones designed and developed an interactive AR Camera Filter for playback via a mobile OS web browser to explore the fundamentals of how satellite internet communication works. When entering the experience, users are prompted to a home screen where a voiceover briefly explains the purpose of the AR experience: “How Does Satellite Internet Work?” Where then, the user can launch the experience. Before the launch, a screen will appear providing user-friendly instructions on navigating the experience with their fingers.

Once inside the AR experience, users will see a 3D earth with a satellite model floating above it. Users can use their fingers to navigate the experience – pressing on the hotspot indicators on the satellite and on earth to learn more about how the satellite functions in conjunction with how it assists with communication here on earth.

A special feature allows students to switch the experience from a “Pass Through Camera Mode” to an “Immersed Mode,” which switches the camera off and transitions the experience into a view in space.

Additionally, users can grab screenshots or videos of the experience with an option to share them on social media channels.

The following elements were included within the AR Camera Filter:

  • 3D earth with a satellite model floating above it.

  • Oversized home 3D home on the earth model.

  • Oversized satellite internet station.

  • Animated lines connecting the elements above.

  • 4-6 hotspots with hotspot indicators.

  • Animated solar arrays.

  • Animated bus thrusters.

  • Send/Receive antenna beam reflectors animations.

The National 4-H Council client promoted the experience on their site and social channels.

To check out the experience, Click here


Mogfx & VFX reel
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