I am a Director & CGI artist with a BA in design, animation, and film making.

My background lies in driving the design and execution of forward-thinking to produce cutting-edge creative campaigns, and services for a variety of top-level clients with expertise in directing set production and VFX & CGI creation and placement.

Director & CGI Artist

Karim Youssef

  • Creativity and the ability to produce visual concepts from concept to finish

  • Walking the client through pitches and ideas

  • Self-motivation and perseverance

  • Organizational and managerial skills

  • The ability to work independently and as part of a team

  • Being able to accept constructive criticism

  • Computer proficiency and knowledge of relevant software

  • An eye for details and accuracy

I am producing ideas for various campaign types. Include television, theater, Internet, and radio. Collaborating with copywriters, following client briefs, presenting ideas to clients, briefing members of the creative team, guiding new creatives.